Imbokodo Business Networks is a training and skills development company.

We offer corporate solutions in skills programmes, short courses, Learnership and technical courses. Workplace training, empowers employees and encouraging their advancement, training gives workers the opportunity to further their education and upskill themselves in their organisations.

Our service offering is for corporates, smme’s, government employees, private companies and for individuals in their own capacity. Training and Skills development seeks to address the scares skills and transferable skills in the workplace by developing suitable programmes to effect meaningful change.We are different because we want to win and we have the Grit, we have an entrepreneurial spirit like no other company in SA

We offer on-site and public courses. Our competitive edge allows organisations to save on their annual training budgets and have a long lasting relationship with us long after the training is finished with our 12 month post-course support, at no charge to you.

The meaning behind the name: “Imbokodo” has several meanings, one of which is a hard grinding stone used for crushing maize corn, amongst others this name describes the resilience of African women. Imbokodo Business Networks is 100% owned by a women, so why “business network?” Well a business network is a network of companies working together to accomplish common goals. Common goals are important not only because they develop creativity and innovation but they bring people together, hence……..”Imbokodo Business Networks